Understall Dirty Screws #cottaging #wantitsobad

Stalling Out Have you ever had one of those go-to sex fantasies for when you’re jerking off? OF COURSE YOU DO. Everyone has them.

Well, this is one of mine. I started jerking off to this one about three years ago when I was still in high school and I worked over the summer in my father’s office. There were all these hot, young interns there, trying to learn the ropes. I’d hit the head after my super-late lunch every day, always at about the same time, and for the first week or so I’d see these two guys in there looking kind of flushed and surprised to see me. I knew what was going on, but I guess I was hoping they’d ask me to join in.

Right, the boss’s high school kid? Ha.But, you know horny teenagers, we’re endlessly hopeful.

They never asked. They just stopped being there a week after I started. I guess they found another place to get off. But I never let go of the fantasy of bathroom sex.

Over time, I expanded on it as I got a hornier and kinkier and dirtier. Now I want it to be anonymous and raunchy and risky and raw. God, that would be hot. And stupid, I know. So, I wrote it up to share. You can beat off to it, too. I hope you do. And getting it out of my system like this is good. Maybe I won’t act on it. Or maybe one day I’ll shove my ass under the stall and see if the guy next to me takes me up on the offer.


If I do, and it’s you over there, swear you’ll take me up on it, okay?


In the meantime, you can buy mfm: STALLING OUT at Smashwords, Amazon, and eventually at Kobo and Nook, if they will ever process their books, OMG. *sigh* Snap, snap, babies, some of us are trying to earn a buck or two out here.


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