Bugged by Sutherland Smith – gang bang, bugging, jerk-off fantasy!

SutherlandSmith-BuggedA-566x848-hires So, guess what, mothafockers! My book was banned from Amazon. I kid you not! My very first book of smut that is supposed to make me a little bit of the monies so my dad will shut it gets BANNED FROM AMAZON for being too filthy, dirty, and wrong. Holy shit, y’all. How did I do this? It’s like I’m magic!

But no worries! It is available at two other stores. First, at Barnes & Noble, which is very kind and noble of them to allow me the opportunity to earn a buck from my filthy, dirty fantasies and my wicked way with a pen. And also over at Smashwords, which is also smashingly awesome for giving me some space on their site to peddle the very, deeply wrong jerk-off material I’ve written.

This book is definitely not my opus. I have something I’m working on that’s pretty much that, but it is a go-to nutting fantasy for me and maybe it is secretly one of your fantasies, too. (And it goes without saying that fantasies are not necessarily something you want in real life. Everybody play safe in reality, now, and jerk off to my books to get your risky fucking jollies, okay? Okay.)


SO DIRTY AND HOT AND WRONG THAT THIS BOOK WAS BANNED BY AMAZON!!! Drugged, blindfolded and bound in a sling, nineteen year old South is forced to take ten HIV positive cocks against his will in a scorching hot rape/forced-conversion fantasy that will turn you on because it’s oh-so-wrong and oh-so-perverted and yet so freaking hot!

This story is nearly 5,000 words of non-consensual gift-giving, hot pozzing, graphic gang-rape. Perfect for those with bug chasing or gift giving fantasies and fans of ridiculously hot porn. Featuring sling fuck, blindfold, anal rape, ten poz cocks converting a hot virgin ass, multiple orgasms, and fisting. Adult content. Intended for readers 18+.Now, friends o’ mine, don’t you think Daddy’ll be proud of my first pay check? Ha!


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